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Concept of Handy Man App

This project is my capstone project of user experience design certificate that is the one-year program at Bellevue College Continue Education. Duration of time: 3 months My role: UX/UI Designer Tools: Axure, Adobe Illustrator, InVision Date: 2017 Summary You will read process on pitch of HandyMan, introduction of HandyMan Project, user research (user interview, user… Read More Concept of Handy Man App

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SolarRFP — Redesign Website

Business Problem: Solar RPF, Inc is located in California. They specialize in sales and installation of residential solar products. The old website was not updated so their clients could not find useful product information. Therefore, Solar RPF, Inc kept losing their clients. Business Goal: Keep their clients, increase their sales and recruit new clients. User… Read More SolarRFP — Redesign Website

UX Designs, Visual Designs

Almost Heaven Saunas–A Landing Page

Business Goal: Promote the new product. User Goal: Learn about this advertised new product and buy it. My Role: UX Designer and Visual Designer. Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Summary You will read design process on research on competitive products and existing website, information architecture, ideation, wireframe, and usability test and iterate, AB test and… Read More Almost Heaven Saunas–A Landing Page