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AE Designs — Design Website

AE Designs: Design Website
AE Designs: Design Website
  • Business Goal: Sell the service and get more customers.
  • User Goal: Find, learn about and purchase the service that best fits their needs.
  • My Role: UX/UI Designer
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


You will read design process on research with the users and competitive websites, defined the user groups, information architecture, ideation, wireframes, and usability test, and visual design.


Researched with the Users and Competitive Websites, Defined the User Groups

This company’s services are in three categories: websites, eBooks, and graphic designs. First I thought I should build ONE website to provide these three services. Then I did research on competitive websites, interviewed several friends who run similar businesses and called current clients to ask their expectations about this website. I was surprised by my findings. To achieve the better user experience, help the users to find, learn about and purchase the service that the best fit their specific needs; I needed to build THREE websites for the different categories.

Information Architecture, Ideation, Wireframes, and Usability Test

Based on user research, I created the persona and scenario, analyzed the task flows. Then I built the site map and navigation for the three websites. In the brainstorming session, I sketched 30+ prototypes and chose three prototypes for each website, tested with the users, modified, and went through the iteration process until all users comfortably passed the task flows. Then I used Adobe Illustrator to make the digital wireframe.

Visual Design

Based on approved wireframes, I created the visual designs, worked with a graphic designer to create graphic assets, including postcards and brochures.

Website Design

Ebook Design

Graphic Design

Mobile Design


I learned that user research and define user groups for websites were very important on driving design solutions on the best results.