Research and Analysis: Effective a UX Designer Resume

Research and analysis Materials:

  1. Articles: Online articles (Appendix I)
  2. Book: The UX Careers Handbook by Cory Labson (Appendix I)
  3. Resumes: 30 UX designers’ resumes in LinkedIn (Appendix I)


  • Requirement Analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Card Sorting


  1. Hiring process.
  2. Card sorting analysis on resumes.
  3. What are the recruiters/HR looking for on a resume?
  4. Resume top mistakes.
  5. When you apply for a UX Designer, what should the resume, LinkedIn profile and online Portfolio provide for?

1. Hiring process

See the infographic Flow below

Hiring Process
Hiring Process

2. Card sorting analysis on resumes

The Resume’s aesthetic feeling is a matter and the most important.

In 30 resumes, 63% of resumes is a 1-page PDF with excellent infographic / visual design. This kind of resume is part of consistent branding system of LinkedIn profile and online portfolio.

The length of working experience on the resume is a matter.

In 30 resumes, 50% of resumes only provide the working experience in 7 years or less.

Catalogue Section

In 30 resumes, 100% have experience, education, skills and contact information sections. Inside of experience section, 90% of description is less than 4 lines long.

Keywords in Skills sections

In 30 resumes, there are 180 keywords appear in the skills section. (Appendix II)

There are about 5 catalogs — UX skills, Specialist, Personal Skills, Software, and Language – sorted for 180 keywords.

The top 5 popular keywords in UX skills:

TIME 10 times 7 times 6 times 5 times 4 times
Keyword Wireframing Prototyping Personas Storyboarding User Research
  Usability Testing User flower

The top 4 popular keywords in Specialist:

TIME 7 times 6 times 5 times 3 times
Keyword User experience design Visual design Interaction design Interface design
  Responsive design
  Information architecture

The top 2 popular keywords in Personal Skills:

TIME 3 times 1 times
Keyword Collaborative Good communication
  Complex problem solving

The top 5 popular keywords in Software:

TIME 18 times 17 times 12 times 8 times 7 times
Keyword Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Axure InVision Sketch
  Balsamiq Adobe InDesign
  Adobe Dreamweaver

The top 2 popular keywords in Language:

TIME 12 times 7 times
Keyword HTML JavaScript
  CSS JQuery

What are the recruiters/HR looking for on a resume?

The recruiters / HR are looking in this order:

  • Resume overall look and feel (Good, Okay and Ugly);
  • Education;
  • Experience;
  • Skills;
  • Contact Info.

Resume top mistakes.

  • Mistake 1: Misspelled words or bad grammar;
  • Mistake 2: Name your resume improperly;
  • Mistake 3: You’re vague about your experience, or you’re just downright confusing.

When you apply for a UX Designer, what should the resume, LinkedIn profile and online Portfolio provide for?

Job Description
Job Description

Suggestion and Follow up

Redo resume and online portfolio.

How to improve resume:

  1. 1 page PDF resume with excellent visual/infographic design. 1-page doc with the traditional layout
  2. Education section: certificate of UX designer, AA in Digital Media of Art and Master of Multimedia Design with detail explanation
  3. Experience section: less than 4 lines description of each experience. Freelancer experience for self-employed and shiny, Media teacher
  4. Skills section: UX skills, Specialist, Apps
  5. Contact Info

Appendix I

1. Articles: Online articles

  • Resume Screening – Human Resource
  • Resume—Hiring Manager
  • Name Your Resume
  • You Brand—Your Resume
  • Resume Mistakes
  • Resume Format in the USA
  • Career Guide
  • Interview Calls
  • 7 Steps in Job Search Cycle
  • Hiring Process
  • A Successful Resume


2. Book: The UX Careers Handbook by Cory Lebson

  • Part1: Establishing Your Foundation
    • Chapter1: What is User Experience (UX)?
    • Chapter2: Your Career is Grounded in Your Education
    • Chapter3: Never Stop Learning
    • Chapter4: Personal Branding and Networking for Career Success
  • Part2: Getting a job
    • Chapter5: Resumes and Portfolios to Illustrate Your Value
    • Chapter6: Work In-house or be an External Consultant
    • Chapter7: Independent Contracting or Starting a Small UX Business
  • Part3: Recruiters & Employers
    • Chapter9: Working with a Recruiter; Being a Recruiter
    • Chapter10: Employer’s Guide (And What Job Seekers Should Look For)
  • Part4: Career Glimpses: What, Specifically, Can You Do?
    • Chapter11: UX Career Pathways and Primary Skillsets
    • Interaction Design
    • Visual Design

3. Review 30 UX Designers’ resumes on LinkedIn

Appendix II

180 Key Words

Adobe After Effect Competencies Programming Processing Code Cognitive Walkthrough
Agile Workflow Agile SCRUM Development Methodology Waterfall Work Environment Solid Works + Key Shot Product Management
God Communication Creative Direction Complex Problem Solving Collaborative Art Direction
Web Design Visual Design Video Production VI UX. UI
User Interface Designer User Experience Design User Center Design Process User-Centered Design Evangelist User-centered Design
Traditional Artwork Responsive Design Print Design Photography Motion Graphics
Mobile Web and Responsive Design Material Design Interface Design Interaction Design Information Architecture
Human-centered Design Graphic Design Game Design Sonar Studio Y-Session
Zeplin Presentations Strategy Presentations Documentation Specialist Style Guides
Style Tiles Identity & Branding Branding Layout Five Second Test
A / B Testing Usability Engineering Remote User Testing Usability Testing User Testing.com
Heuristic Evaluation Survey Monkey Prototyping Paper Prototype Interactive Prototypes
Whiteboarding Sketching Brainstorming Wireframing Sketching-wireframing
Interactive Wireframe Low and High Fidelity Mocks High Fidelity Design Comps Copywriting User Flows
Flow Charts Affinity Diagraming Personas Briefcase Use Cases
Scenario Writing User Stories Storyboarding Affinity Mapping Sitemaps
Journey Mapping Concept Mapping User Research User Interviews Requirements Analysis
Optimal Sort Information Visualization InfoGraphic Data Visualization Data Analysis
Competitive & Comparative Analysis Card Sorting Photoshop MS Office Suite Microsoft Word
Microsoft Project Microsoft Point Microsoft Money Microsoft Excel Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Access Lightroom InDesign Illustrator Final Cut Pro
Dreamweaver AxureRP Adobe Premiere Adobe CS Adobe Contribute
Adobe Audition Adobe Acrobat SharePoint Premiere PowerPoint
Adobe Sound Booth Keynote Pixate Microsoft Office Adobe After Effects
Adobe Flash Adobe Firework OmniGraffle Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft Visio
Adobe Creative Suite Adobe InDesign Sketch InVision Balsamiq
Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Axure TextWrangler WebStorm
Word Press Data Drupal Eprise (Content Management System) FundMaster (Fundraising Database)
Medidata (Electronic Data Capturing System) Prologue (Ticketing & Fundraising Database) JavaScript JQuery CSS
XML SQL Perl Java Sublime
Rhinoceros 3D NURBS Rally Studio One 3D graphical Rendering Audio Production
Blender 3D Conversational Spanish MAC & PC Maya 3D Music Composition
Quicken iRise FramerJS BaseCamp Eclipse
Estimates Flairbuilder Balsamic Audacity Archtics
AngularJS Pro Tools Origami Marvel App JIRA
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