A Cup of Coffee Latte

Lisa went to a coffee shop in the corner. She did not have anything to do. Today was Sunday and she felt so lonely to stay home even she had three roommates in her house. She wanted to feel she connected with others. This was why Lisa hanged out on the street alone, and this was why she went to this coffee shop in the corner.

This was a very old style coffee shop, but it had a funny name: Sunlight. There were many people here: writers, artists, designers, and engineers. They were gathering together and talking, arguing, discussing or doing other activities. Lisa liked this creative atmosphere and lots of people here. This was why Lisa went to this coffee shop.

She felt she lost herself a while in the crowd. People were excited to talk to each other. She could not hear her own voice. Then a cup of coffee Latte appeared in front of her with a shiny smile face. That was Jack. Lisa felt her heart was beating faster, and she immediately knew she fell in love with Jack now.

Love just was happened in only one second.

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